Nags Head Trip January 2015 Nags Head Trip January 2015 Black-bellied Plover Commonly found on the Carolina Coasts winter and spring primarily near rocky areas. 197435122 Ruddy Turnstone 197435123 Horned Grebe 197435124 Dunlin 197435125 Double-crested Cormorant 197435126 Northern Pintail 197435127 Eastern Meadowlark 197435128 Atlantic Sunrise 197435129 Bodie Island Lighthouse Built 1872. 197435130 Bonaparte's Gull 197828638 Green Heron This was a very late (or early?) Green Heron who had decided to overwinter. 197828639 Redhead Flock A Bald Eagle flushed a huge group of Redhead and sent them scattering. 197828640 Great Black-backed Gull 197828596 Brown Pelican 197828597 Iceland Gull I was lucky enough to find this bird on the last day it was seen. The day afterwards, we failed in finding it. 197828598 Iceland Gull 197828599