Litchfield beach 2016 Litchfield beach 2016 Brown pelican Lots of Brown pelicans were sighted on the trip 200984197 American white pelicans A flock of American white pelicans 200984198 Ruddy turnstones Ruddy turnstone 200984199 Horned grebes Horned grebes in winter plumage 200984200 Brown pelican Brown pelican coming in for a landing 200984201 Assorted shorebirds Mixed shorebirds 200984202 Forster's tern Forster's tern 200984203 Many horned grebes Horned grebes 200984204 View off the boat at sunrise View off the boat at sunrise 200984205 Diving tern Diving Forster's tern 200984206 More diving terns Diving Forster's tern 200984207 Brown pelican Brown pelican 200984208 Brown pelican Brown pelican 200984209 Assorted shorebirds Mixed shorebirds including Purple sandpipers, Ruddy turnstones, and semipalmated plovers 200984210 Brown pelican Close encounter with a Brown pelican 200984211 Sanderlings Sanderlings 200984212 Double crested cormorants Double crested cormorants 200984213 Ruddy duck Ruddy duck 200984214