Carolina Young Birders Club



We are proud to unveil the new Carolina Young Birders Club logo on September 12th, 2014, nearly a year after the club's inception.  The design was submitted by Evan Lipton of Massachusetts. To check out the Massachusetts Young Birders Club website, and their logo also designed by Evan, click this link.  In the near future we will try to get this design on T-shirts, mugs, "merch", etc.

Thanks again to Evan Lipton for the design!

Voting Results:

The Standings Bold and Underlined Denotes two finalists, *=not current data, Italicized and Bold: Top 5.

Prothonotary Warbler 16 votes* Rank: 2nd* ROUND 2: 61 VOTES (1ST)

Black Skimmer 1 vote

Cerulean Warbler 2 votes  

Brown-headed Nuthatch 8 votes Rank: T-3rd

Red-cockaded Woodpecker 18 votes* Rank: 1st* ROUND 2: 12 VOTES (2ND)

Carolina Parakeet  5 votes

Wood Duck 3 votes

Carolina Wren 6 votes 

Loggerhead Shrike 8 votes Rank: T-3rd 

Bachman's Sparrow 2 votes  

Swainson's Warbler 1 vote  

Painted Bunting 7 votes  Rank: 5th

Barred Owl 2 votes  

Wood Thrush 3 votes  

Pine Warbler 4 votes  

Red Crossbill 1 vote  

Northern Cardinal 1 vote  

Wild Turkey 0 votes  

Blackburnian Warbler 2 votes  

Red-shouldered Hawk 3 votes