Carolina Young Birders Club



The Carolina Young Birders Club is sponsored by the Carolina Bird Club. The Carolina Bird Club offers scholarships for young birders to attend Carolina Bird Club meetings, young birder camps, and other events relating to birds and conservation.

Grants $3,000 to any young birder camp or bird-related event.

Western Sandpiper.  Photo by Jack Rogers, taken at VENT Camp Cascades 2016 on scholarship from the Carolina Bird Club
Grants up to $350 for young birders wanting to attend one of the Carolina Bird Club's seasonal meetings!  

Eastern Screech-Owl.  Photo by Jack Rogers at the Carolina Bird Club Spring 2018 Meeting at Flat Rock, NC, which he was able to attend because of a CBC Scholarship

Young Birder Camps & Events

This is a list of eligible camps and events young birders can attend with our scholarships! This list is not comprehensive. If you have an event to add, please contact us so we can add it!